About Us

We are global dealmakers with a successful track record of creating leading companies from the ground up. We are committed to using our significant contact base and capability to support our own investments, our clients and all our relationships within the various industry sectors we have targeted.

White City Ventures is a private trust headed by Shahal Khan. Shahal's extensive international network and access to proprietary deal flow have helped WCV develop and invest in a deal and asset base that is unavailable in the general market.

Shahal Khan | Founder

Shahal`s career as an investor, entrepreneur spans over 22 years. His investments encompass Telecoms, Energy, Mining, Natural Resources and various Industrial sectors. He has been directly responsible for syndication of over $5b USD in equity for projects as a principal through his family trust White City Ventures where he is Chairman. Recently he has been appointed Chairman of Colt Middle East, an Exploration company focused on the development of world class resources in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Shahal is also a Senior Advisor to the Board of Colt Resources, a TSX listed exploration company with mining assets in Portugal. Finally Shahal is a partner of GlobalTurk Capital, a merchant bank based in Istanbul and focused on the Turkish Market.

Shahal was founder of a tier one bank in Bahrain, Fortune Investment House, that had a paid up capital of one billion USD and was focused on real estate investments in Bahrain and Northern Cyprus. He was also founder of Global Voice Telecom, one of the first companies to receive a license for voice over the internet in 1997, this company was subsequently merged into a Nasdaq company. Shahal was CEO of Centile, a software company located in the South of France, which was sold to the European Development Bank in 2008.

Shahal was born in New York, educated at American University and Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC. His family background can be traced back to the Mogul nobility in the South Asian region and to several of the old prominent Nawab families. Shahal has used this familial history to endeavor to maintain links in the region and also to create sustainable investment opportunities which will allow economic development and cooperation to develop and strengthen.